Our menu changes everyday!

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Counter menu will be updated daily at 12 PM at IGstory @scrumptioussugar

To purchase any of our counter bakes, here are a few options for you :


Walk-in cafe within our operation hours 12-7 PM


Refer updated daily menu and send your complete details to Whatsapp 0166344340


Item & quantity:

Pickup time (within 12:30-6:30 PM)

3) DELIVERY (arranged by us)

Refer updated daily menu and send your complete details to Whatsapp 0166344340


Item & quantity:

Delivery time (within 12:30-6:30 PM)

Full address:

Receiver's contact no.:

It can get busy in the bakery especially during weekends and during peak hours, so we might not able to reply Whatsapp immediately. If you need urgently, another option is to

4) DELIVERY (arranged on your own)

Hire your own runner via Lalamove/Bungkusit/etc. using BUY4U feature on their app

FAQ Regarding Our Counter Bakes
What can I purchase at the counter?Counter items are basically the same as what we offer for our preorder items. But instead of having to buy in large quantity, you can buy by slices or pieces from our cafe counter.
Also, sometimes we added a few new items that are still in R&D and hasn't made it to the website yet. 
Can I buy a whole cake at the cafe?For ready stock cakes at the cafe, we only offer 6inch size cakes. Flavors and designs are random depends on availability. No pre-order in advance and no custom order. Price range is RM60-RM80.
When stocks available, we will update at our IG @scrumptioussugar so make sure you keep updated!
If you need the bigger sizes that we offer (9/10/11inch), please preorder at least 2 days in advance at our website.
What's available today /tomorrow /this Saturday?Our menu changes everyday. Menu will be updated daily at 12PM.
Can I preorder in advance for tomorrow's pickup?Since our menu is changed everyday, you have to order on the same day by referring to the menu.
Do you provide delivery?Delivery is available via third party Lalamove anywhere within available radius allowed by Lalamove.
I want to make a combo box. How?You can mix items at the counter to make your own personalized combo box. Our representative will advise you on what items are suitable to fit the box nicely!

I want a whole large cake. What can you suggest?As said previously, larger sizes cakes (9/10/11inch) requires preorder 2 days in advance. If you're looking for last minute cakes and need to cater a large group, you can mix cake slices to make a whole cake (all cake slices at counter are 10-11 inch)
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Do you have cake toppers and candles that I can purchase at the cafe?Yes we do! Candles for 5pcs and below are FOC and cake topper's prices depend on size and design.